My Mother

Happy Mother’s Day

My Mother is a feeling of happiness in sorrow. She is every moment around me. Mother is the soul of the house, she is the real God.

My Mother

My Mother is Gita and Quran. She is lukewarm sunshine in the cold, my Mother is that God’s only one form. She is a shadow in the hot sun. Mother is Adi Shakti and Mahamaya.

Mother is a light in my life. She is hope in despair. Mother is monsoon in the months. Mother is as pure as the Ganges. She is Peepal in the trees.

My Mother

Mother- There is quince in the fruits.
Gayatri is among the mother goddesses.
Mother – Savitri is in Manuj’s body.
Maa is the song of worship,
Mother- It is a moving Ramayana.
Mother is a garland of jewels,
Mother – there is light in the darkness,
Mother is Bandan and Roli,
Mother- Rakshasutra’s Molly.
Mother is the cup of affection,
Mother- It is Dushala in winter.
Mother- Nice and sweet speech,
Mother- It is Eid, Diwali, Holi.
Mother has brought us to this place,
We remember our mother very much.
Mother- Mary, Fatima and Durga are mothers,
Mother- every particle of the universe is present.

“In the end, I just do this act of charity,
I bow down to all the mothers of the world.

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