New Network Marketing

Hello, I am a FULLTIME NETWORKER today. I am going to share with you a new network marketing plan which forced me to promote it on social media. After seeing the plan, it again forced me to respect and trust network marketing industry. And I feel like giving away my 20 years of experience completely. I am talking about CRYPTOBASE plan OMG CROWD99.

हिन्दी में डिटेल्स वीडियो प्लान देखने के लिऐ क्लिक करे

New Network Marketing

A new network marketing plan which is being promoted extensively in social media for the last 8 months, has given good income to many people so far.

New Network Marketing

That’s why people are promoting it to the extent of madness. So, I also took information and came to know that this is the plan I was looking for. Today my search is completed.

Details plan in Hindi Video about OMG Crowd99

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New Network Marketing OMG CROWD99

Registration in the omg crowd99 is free. Here the ID activation is done with 99 TRX.  You can earn 100% referral income by referring people after registation; which means that if you add someone to the system with 99 TRON and you earn 99 TRX. You earn 99 TRON from every person you direct.

New Network Marketing upgrade packages

But joining here does not provide the benefit of teamwork. Therefore, to take advantage of teamwork, the option of some upgrade packages has been given which are as following….

a. 150 Trond, b) 300 Trons, c) 600 Trons, d) 1200 Trons, e) 2400 Trons, f) 4800 Trons, and g) 9600 Trons

Distribution of OMG CROWD99

Friends, the interesting thing is that these UPGRADE packages are also distributed among the entire team. Meaning clearly that 100% distribution takes place here!
30% in sponsorship, 30% in universal AUTOPOOL, 20% in level income and 20% in royalty.

Level Income in OMG CROWD99

In this way, the level income which is available up to 15 levels. And the team sets according to the matrix of 2X15. Flowing income is giving through the level income:

a) From the 150 Trons package gives income 136068 Trons.

b) From the 300 Trons package gives income 262136 Trons.


c)  From the 600 Trons package gives income 524272 Trons.

d) From the1200 Tron’s package gives income 1048544 Trons.

e) From the 2400 Tron’s package gives income 2097088 Trons.

f) From the 4800 Tron’s package gives income 4194176 Trons.

g) And 8388352 Trons from a package of 9600 Trons.

In this way, gets an income of 16645636 Trons as level income, which is equal to approximately 10 crore Indian rupees according to the current price.

Magic pool Income

Now let’s talk about UNIVERSAL Auto Pool which is the biggest auto pool till date… Flowing income is giving through level income:

a) 196602 Trons from a package of 150 Trons.

b) 393204 Trons from a package of 300 Trons.

c) 786408 Trons from a package of 600 Trons.

d) 1572806 Trons from a package of 1200 Trons.

e) 3145632 Trons from a package of 2400 Trons.

f) 6291234 Trons from a package of 4800 Trons, and

g) 12582528 Trons from a package of 9600 Trons.

This way the total income of seven pools is 24968444 TRX. Whose original value in Indian Rupees is around 15 crores.

New Network Marketing Boosting Income

There is also boosting board income. Boosting income is very amazing income. Here, the boosting amount is 100 Trx. When two boosting come under you you will get 200 Trx. You can boost your income every hour and every boosting will give double income. You can register from here.

Apart from this, there is also a dividend income for those who are unable to do anything, which is up to twice the activation amount.

I get involve in it’s promotion after understand the plan, and I am able to see that what I had not achieved in my entire networking life, I am getting it from here.


You should also understand this plan very carefully and take a decision. Aour life is also going to change with OMG CROWD99.

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I have seen the plan from my perspective and think it is tremendous.
You can also resource it, check it’s plan, understand it, and it will change your life definitely, and you can register from hrere!