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“The thing that really makes me worship God is that God is with the pain and happiness of all people at all times. He gives the knowledge to live in every circumstance.

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पुण्यों का मोल

पुण्यों का मोल: एक व्यापारी जितना अमीर था उतना ही दान-पुण्य करने वाला, वह सदैव यज्ञ-पूजा आदि कराता रहता था; एक यज्ञ में उसने अपना सबकुछ दान कर दिया; अब उसके पास परिवार चलाने लायक भी पैसे नहीं बचे थे। पुण्यों का मोल व्यापारी की पत्नी ने सुझाव दिया कि पड़ोस के नगर में एक …

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Sharif Chacha

Sharif Chacha

Here, we will discuss the great man Sharif Chacha. Before, we discuss about India. India is a sovereign democratic state; This country is located in Asia. The country is the second-largest country in the world by population and the seventh-largest by geographical area; the country has a total coastline of 7,517 km (4,671 mi); This …

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What is Coronavirus

What is Coronavirus

The coronavirus is a virus that was first seen in the seafood market in Wuhan province, China. The Coronavirus is a virus that enters the human body and kills people. Therefore, it can be called an epidemic or a disease. The virus is spread from one person to another. The virus usually lives outside the …

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Islamic Marriage

Muslim Marriage (Nikah) is actually a civil contract between a couple for conjugal life and bearing children. It is life long relationship unless dissolved by divorce. All the elements of marriage is highly ritualistic. Islamic Marriage Islamic Marriage through the Ages Muslim strictly follows no inter-religious marriage. Muslims give preference to cousins because, the notion …

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Christian Marriage

Christian marriage is rooted in religion with having administration from God. They believe it is one of the ways to worship God. God has created this for the welfare and happiness of humankind. For them, it is a sacrament. Christian Marriage 1. Marriage through Ages Gen 2:24 is the base of the Christian marriage and …

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Buddhist Marriage

The Buddhist marriage is very much liberal and considered as a personal and individual concern, not as a religious duty. It neither forces anyone to be married nor force anyone to remain unmarried. Buddhist Marriage As well as it does not force anyone to have children; rather it gives freedom to couples to decide for …

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Hindu Marriage

The Hindu Marriage is a very much complicated, ritualistic, and traditional marriage, which is mainly based in the tradition of Vedas. Hindu marriage Hindu marriage is the bonding of two individuals to perform four religious duties: Dharma (Duty), Artha (Wealth), Kama (Sexual Desire) and Moksha (Salvation or Liberation of soul. It also joins two families …

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