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“The thing that really makes me worship God is that God is with the pain and happiness of all people at all times. He gives the knowledge to live in every circumstance.

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इस्राएल की भविष्यवाणियाँ और भविष्यद्वक्ता

इस्राएल की भविष्यवाणियाँ और भविष्यद्वक्ता इजरायल समुदाय के जीवन का हिस्सा थे। पैगम्बर ईश्वर के सेवक हैं। जिन्होंने ईश्वर के लोगों को ईश्वर के संदेश का उपदेश दिया। उन्होंने परमेश्वर के लोगों के सामाजिक-सांस्कृतिक-धार्मिक जीवन में महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाई। भविष्यद्वक्ताओं ने भविष्यद्वक्ताओं और भविष्यवाणियों के माध्यम से ईश्वर की निंदा, चेतावनी, महिमा, आशीर्वाद और विनाश …

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John Calvin

John Calvin is generally acknowledged to be the most influential protestant reformer and thinker after Martin Luther. He is also one of the most important interpreters of Protestant Christianity. His influence has been so widespread that not only the Reformed/ Presbyterian Churches but almost all the protestant ecclesial and theological traditions have been affected by …

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What is Atonement

What is atonement? The Atonement is critical it is the central doctrine of Christianity, surrounded by the basic faith seeking understanding to its complex realm. That does not mean that other doctrines may be less important or neglected rather each of the doctrines has greater contribution to the Christianity. An English term originally coined in …

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New Adam

Both Adam and (new Adam) Jesus Christ are human beings. Probably Paul thought of both of them as historical figures. Both of them are set forth by Paul as representative figures, but they perform their representative roles in different ways. Adam, as Kierkegaard saw, is ‘every human being’ or the ‘average human’, in the sense …

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We know, Melchizedek was a High Priest of the Jews. The author of Hebrew speaks seeks to reconcile the two sides of his account of Jesus through the concept of priesthood. Jesus is the great High Priest, and the work of a priest is to reconcile the human race to God. But in order to …

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Black theology

The term Black theology is a product of North American black Christianity. Its origins lie in the response of Black Church leaders to the civil rights movement of the 1960s and especially black power. Christology in black Theology The main object of this theology is developing theology within the black experience rather than duplicating the …

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What is Unemployment

What is Unemployment? Unemployment is the state where a person has no income source for living. Humans need money for survival and to meet their basic needs. So, as the Bible says in Genesis; humans have to work hard and earn their own bread and livelihood. But today a different scenario has arisen where many …

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What is Christology

            What is Christology? In the light of the Christian faith, practice, and worship that branch of theology called Christology reflects systematically on the person, being, and doing of Jesus of Nazareth.             In facing and tackling certain Christological questions, historical, philosophical, and linguistic considerations play a crucial role. They can be distinguished as follows: …

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Jesus the Messiah

Oscar Cullmann has said, “One might consider it really ironical that the title Jesus the ‘Messiah’ should have been deliberately, permanently connected with the name Jesus.” Jesus the Messiah We are dealing with the title which had its origin above all in the Jewish hope for the future. It is first and foremost an eschatological …

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Reign of God

Sobrino observes that hermeneutics is very important for Christological articulation. It deals with the biblical texts in which Jesus is presented. For his Christology, the reign of God constitutes the historical praxis. The Reign of God According to him the notion of the reign of God brightens the anthropological and historical presuppositions of theology. Therefore, …

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