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“The thing that really makes me worship God is that God is with the pain and happiness of all people at all times. He gives the knowledge to live in every circumstance.

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“………….”माँ”………….”Happy Mothers Day माँ- दुःख में सुख का एहसास है,माँ – हरपल मेरे आस पास है ।माँ- घर की आत्मा है,माँ- साक्षात् परमात्मा है ।माँ- आरती, अज़ान है,माँ- गीता और कुरआन है ।माँ- ठण्ड में गुनगुनी धूप है,माँ- उस रब का ही एक रूप है ।माँ- तपती धूप में साया है,माँ- आदि शक्ति महामाया है …

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My Mother

Happy Mother’s Day My Mother is a feeling of happiness in sorrow. She is every moment around me. Mother is the soul of the house, she is the real God. My Mother My Mother is Gita and Quran. She is lukewarm sunshine in the cold, my Mother is that God’s only one form. She is …

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Lord Shiva and Parvati

Here we are going to discuss Lord Shiva and Parvati, on the incident of Lord Shiva abandoning his wife. Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, king of Lanka, during the exile of Sri Ramachandra, son of Dasaratha (king of Ayodhya). Sri Rama did not find the address of Sita, Sri Rama was mourning the death of …

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भगवान शिव और पार्वती

यहां हम भगवान शिव और पार्वती के बारे में चर्चा करने जा रहे हैं, भगवान शिव द्वारा अपनी पत्नी को त्यागने की घटना पर। दशरथ (अयोध्या के राजा) के पुत्र श्री रामचंद्र के वनवास के दौरान, लंका के राजा रावण द्वारा सीता का अपहरण कर लिया गया था। श्रीराम को नहीं मिला सीता का पता …

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How Personality Development

How personality development occur in Adivasis and Tribals in India? When we talk about Adivasis and Tribals in India; we tend to focus on groups of people who speak a common language, following similar rules of social organization; and may involve in trade and agriculture. This paper deals with the development of personality in Adivasi …

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Do you have self-faith

One of the main differences between the happiest person is progressing with true faith, and, his choices and the paths are chosen. After four decades, after providing (do you have) self-faith and personal development, seminars and programs, etc. I believe that a person, only, truly, believes in himself, when he is convinced, he gains your …

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Self Esteem

Here we will focus on self esteem topic. We will discuss what is self esteem, stages of self esteem etc. Self Esteem People with high self-esteem can be identified by some of the following descriptions: Have confidence in your own judgments, values, and ability to solve problems, don’t feel guilty if others don’t. They are …

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समय के साथ

समय के साथ चलिए वरना इतिहास में क्या होता है; जो आपके साथ होगा। आइए देखें कि इतिहास में क्या हुआ था। 1998 में Kodak में 1,70,000 कर्मचारी काम करते थे; और वो दुनिया का 85% फ़ोटो पेपर बेचते थे; चंद सालों में ही Digital photography ने उनको बाज़ार से बाहर कर दिया; Kodak दिवालिया …

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Work on yourself

How do you work on yourself? You might not think it. For you, how important is it to move in life to be the best you can be? While many argue that they want to do so, the reality is that some, guarding,; commitment, endurance, and perseverance, continue with the required degree of commitment, and …

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How to motivate yourself

Sometimes we need to go out of our way and take a chance.  Still, the fear of failure, of being laughed at; of being not liked, of being  poorly allowed of; can keep us from pushing ourselves into the unknown; and make us move  sluggishly in developing new chops,  capacities, and life  gests  that can …

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