10 Days MBA Program

10 Days MBA Program

10 Days MBA program is a certification program of Bada Business, where you can learn following…

10 Days MBA Program by Dr. Vivek Bindra

a) How to start a start up

I. Office Setup for Freelancers, ii. Priority Management, iii. Contracts and Paperwork, iv. Customer Profiling, v. Technology for Speed and Scale, vi. Customer Acquisition.

b) Market research

i. Types of Market Research and Need, ii. VRIO Framework, iii. Design Thinking Frameworks, iv. Litmus Test, v. Case Studies on Consumer Behaviour, vi. Bait & Hook – Recurring Revenue Model.

c) Strategy

i. Pipeline Leadership, ii. Strategy of Scoreboard, iii. Issue Based Strategy, iv. Situation Analysis, v. 7S Framework, vi. Competitive Collaborative Strategy.

d) Marketing

i. Guerilla Marketing, ii. Value Edge Marketing, iii. Ambush Marketing, iv. Creative Business Cards, Packaging, Bags, v. Social Trust Marketing, vi. Ambient – Experiential – Reciprocation Marketing.

e) Sales

i. Coherent Theme and Central Message, ii. Use Analogies and Metaphors, iii. Comparable and Reference Point, iv. C-3 Conviction => Confidence => Contagious, v. Follow the ‘Rule of 3’, vi. ABCDE Approach of Content Creation


f) Personality development & communication skills

i. Sales Strategy, ii. Sales Closing techniques, iii. Discounts and Schemes, iv. Marketing Communication, v. Organizational Strategy, vi. Customer Service.

g) Human Research

i. Employee Retention Strategies, ii. Succession Planning, iii. Managerial Efficiency Tools for Onboarding Process, iv. Job Descriptions, v. ESOP as a Retention Tool, vi. Employee Efficiency with KRA and KPI.

h) Productivity Multiplier

i. Warren Buffet’s 2 List Strategy, ii. Time Blocking, Time Boxing, Time Batching, iii. Checklist Manifesto, iv. Richard Branson’s 3 Steps to Delegation, v. Parkinson Law Technique, vi. Priority Scoring.

i) Business Operations & Expansion

i. Franchisee Model, ii. Cost Benefit Analysis, iii. Distribution Network, iv. Off Season Sales, v. Lateral Vertical – Horizontal Expansion, vi. Geographical Expansion.

j) Execution

i. Speed of Implementation, ii. Product Positioning & Value Proposition, iii. Personal Leadership, iv. Adopting Change
v. Execution Excellence, vi. Improve your Touchpoints.

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10 Days MBA Program by Dr. Vivek Bindra