About Us

Who are we

This is “Mahasoe” Blog site. The Mahasoe Blog has founded by Hembrom. Hembrom is a Santal Tribe who live in India and as well as it’s srounding States like Banglades and Nepal. This Blog has come out its few year practices with hard work.

We hope the visitors will be going to profitable by reading our articles as much as we enjoy write to them.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Blog is spreading Good News of Jesus, sharing spirituality, sharing religious faith, sharing knowledge from Scriptures and it’s teaching and as well as to be establish peace in society through our relevant contents posts.

Our Vision is providing knowledge to nation.

Our Mission

To create quality contents, give knowledge, Guidelines, Tips to the nation. We are providing all this free of cost. We can say the mission is to make more readers all over the world, which will bring prosperity to the people.

The mission is to continue the relationship between God and human, rethinking about God’s creation which human are destroying now and search salvation

“You will love your neighbor as yourself"

 Mark 12:30-31