Lord Shiva and Parvati

Here we are going to discuss Lord Shiva and Parvati, on the incident of Lord Shiva abandoning his wife.

Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, king of Lanka, during the exile of Sri Ramachandra, son of Dasaratha (king of Ayodhya). Sri Rama did not find the address of Sita, Sri Rama was mourning the death of Sita.

Lord Shiva and Parvati

Lord Shiva and Parvati

Shiva and Parvati saw him from the sky and asked why this man was crying so badly. What trouble is he in? Sri Shiva said that this is not an ordinary person.

This Sri Vishnu was born in the house of King Dasaratha. Now he is in exile, his wife Sita came with him, and he grief if someone kidnapped him.

Shiva test by Parvati

Parvati said that she would go to him in the guise of Sita and if he recognized her, she would accept that he was indeed God.

Shiva told Parvati that she would never make such a mistake. I will not be able to take the form of Sita.

Parvati said at that time that she would not test Rama but as soon as Shiva left the house.

Rama test by Parvati

  Parvati assumed the form of Sita and stood before Rama. Sri Rama said, O skilful daughter Maya, how did you come alone today? Where did he leave Sri Shiva?

Then the goddess was embarrassed and said that Lord Shiva was right. Lord Shiva also learned that Parvati was taking the test in the form of Sita. Shiva did what Parvati was forbidden to do.

Parvati lied that she did not take the exam. But Shiva became very angry and the love marriage turned into hell.

Love marriage

Therefore, young people spread poisonous gas in their lives to pay their parents and society for their weaknesses, it is better to get married.

The Assamese Nationalist Youth Council. The Assamese Nationalist Youth Council.

So why should young people be ignorant? The tension mounts until you get married. After marriage, she will have children. Seven years later, I think, “What have I done?


Is marriage a prison?

As Haryana poet Jat Mehr Singh says: “Try marriage, what you see is not jail”. They are forced to live in jail within the walls.

After marriage, parents are forced to live within the four walls of societal norms to support their families.

I cannot drink alcohol, as working people must attend work, borrowers are forced to forest and farmers are forced to farm, this work needs to be done. This is why married life is like a prison of rules and regulations.

But the world cannot originate without this prison. Our parents also got married and we got precious human bodies.

Wedding gifts

It is the gift of marriage that we can attain salvation through devotion while living in this body.

These sacred relations are characterless people who tell erotic stories and sing raginis to arouse desires in the hearts of youngsters which set fire to calm and concentrated human lives.

As a result, many families were devastated. They are in love with young people in different places.

They are in love with young people in different places.

Fall in love

The girl’s husband explained many things to his daughter but she refused because she was inspired by pornography. The family has killed the teenager and put her in jail.

They burned the family in the fire of love, and destroyed the strong house. There are many other examples where prosecution could lead to the death penalty.

O young people, think about what your parents live with and have taught you. You forget social norms and make mistakes and waste lives causing big problems.

Therefore, it is very important for children to listen to Satsang. Social interaction is disappearing, and lessons are essential.