Islamic Marriage

Muslim Marriage (Nikah) is actually a civil contract between a couple for conjugal life and bearing children. It is life long relationship unless dissolved by divorce. All the elements of marriage is highly ritualistic.

Islamic Marriage

Islamic Marriage through the Ages

Muslim strictly follows no inter-religious marriage. Muslims give preference to cousins because, the notion of purity of blood, family solidarity prospect of Jahez; dowry give to the daughter at the time of marriage, remain in the same family.

Family consideration is very much important and both the person in the couple should have some good qualities to choose each other.

Islamic Marriage

Rituals before Islamic Marriage

1. Ishtikara and Imam Zamin

Muslim completes the negotiation by God’s consent. Mujtahids (Religious head) use to help them by Tasbih (Rosary) to get the consent of God. In this time they use to consider the marriage finally, after that mother of the boy and her friends go to bride’s house with sweet; and Imam Zamin (A silver coin ties with ribbon) and ties it on the arm of the bride.

2. Mangni

It is a very much important ritual where both family exchanges sweets, fruits, vegetables, and visit each other. Sometimes exchange of rings also happens in here.

3. Manjha

In this barber rubs the muster seed on the couple’s body and they wear a yellow dress and takes regular bath up to Nikah and this ceremony happens in their own respective houses.


From this time bride starts to stay in a separate room and where the groom does not go out of house without any need. They use to send Manjha with band procession by both families to each other. Manjha includes sweets, foods, fruits etc.

4. Sachaq

In this groom, the family sends expensive gifts to the family of the bride for Nikah with a band procession along with a mud jar full of curd and a fish.

5. Nikah

Invited guests and relatives use to come to bride’s home. Groom wears clothes received from bride’s family and a flower veil (Sehra) is tied by brother in law to the groom and in return, he gets money as a gift. Before Nikah dried dates, sugar and nuqal are placed before the groom.

Mujtahid of both the parties asks permission for the marriage from bride and groom and they usually give answers in the affirmative. Then bride’s Mujtahid will pronounce khutba and then both will pronounce Sigha of Nikah. Then Nikah is finished so they praise Allah.


They use to provide a very good party with all good foods like biriyani, kababs, kheer etc. They dance and sing and as well as follow some other rituals.