Religious Influences in Family and Marriage

This Blog post is dealing with Religious Influences in Family and Marriage. India is a multi-religious country and so it makes an impact in marriage and family, which are as follows:

Religious functions in Family and Marriage

The family is a center for religious training school for the future generation. The children use to learn from their parent’s various religious practices and rituals.  Previously, the home was also center of the religious quest.  The family used to teach the children religious values; moral guidelines, the ritual to worship God, etc.  The family meets the spiritual needs of its members.  The family transmits religious inheritance to the next future generation.

Religious functions in Family and Marriage

In family, those couples who are from the same religious faith have a low rate of divorce and arguments. In a family, religious duties bring all family members in a close relationship where religious parents never treat their children in harsh or religious children never disrespect their parents. A good religious life helps many times, adolescents to keep themselves away from societal evil. Good religious parents help themselves to motivate their children and help them to spend more time, enthusiasm, and energy on their children.


Hindu families use to perform daily worship with tradition and rituals to their family god. In Islam families, they use to perform their salat every day. In Buddhist family daily they don’t have such orthodoxy, they use to pray in the morning by chanting some mantras and if they are unable they are not bound to do it. And lastly, in some Christian families, it is an obligation a time of family prayer, but in some families, it is not obligation where it depends on the individual. But in most Christian families, they have devotion by family or by an individual where they pray to Jesus and meditate upon Bible.

Different Traditional Religious Impact on Marriage

Different Traditional Religious Impact on Marriage Multi-Religious India shows the main types of traditional marriages in India. Here will try to brief sketch of four major religious marriages tradition which are as follows: Hindu marriage, Islamic marriage, Christian marriage, Buddhist marriage etc.