What is Poverty

We are dealing with on the topic what is poverty in the essay. We need a theology of poverty to serve the poor without perpetuating the political byproducts of poverty.

What is Poverty

Nature of Poverty

Poverty is the severe lack of basic resources. There are several types of poverty that are always connected: physical poverty and spiritual poverty.

Poverty can be a result of ourselves, others, our structures, the economic-social-political system. Poverty affects us all.


Bad economic decisions by the government,
unemployment, crisis, excessive accumulation of resources by greedy, people
Irresponsibility of individuals in resource management, illiteracy. Nature’s Choice, born into a low income family. Broken families and loss of parents…etc.

Bible and poverty

The poor will always be with you (Matthew 26:11a). Poverty is like a black hole in the space of humanity. This impenetrable darkness of the poor among us, around us, has a gravitational pull on one side.

We are thus drawn by poverty’s forces to help those in its chains by the power of self-interest. We are revolted by its potential to uncover our pretense. Still, the prolific darkness of the poor expands like cancerous cells.

God and the poor

What is Poverty

God has mercy on the poor. He/She calls people to reflect His heart. He judges those who oppress the poor.

God bless those who show love to the poor. He promised the worldly eradication of poverty. God loves the poor.

Church and the poor

The Church must apply its theology to insufficiently ambiguous expressions of God’s character. The Church must give priority to the poor.

Theology of poverty

We have collected valuable pieces of Bible truth about the poor. We tied reality into a chain with three sacred threads: the Bible and poverty, God and poverty, and the Church and the poor.

Together, these threads create a credible theology of poverty that is biblical, balanced, and Jesus-centered. God’s flawed and flawed revelation helps us correct common misunderstandings, correct harmful perceptions, and create a vision of hope for the suffering of our fallen world.

God loves the poor

God loves the poor and needy in spirit. He showed His love in the most glorious way by sending His only begotten Son who was humble. So that we could be rich.


And do we not see the riches of Jesus’ presence in the eyes of the poorest of the poor according to this world’s standards? I saw the heavenly light of the open grave dancing like a double light through the dense forest of human suffering.

Or, who did not see in the rich man’s eyes the empty face of the poor, hunger and sin. A rich man staggering to the grave under the heavy burden of spiritual hunger?
walk wisely in the fields of the poor.

Mercy without knowledge is harmful to the poor. Cruelty to the poor will deprive you of the joy of divine charity.

Walk Wisely We must be alert to apply God’s truth through the guidance of God’s Word.

Bringing the good news of the Messiah to the poor by word and deed.

Health and wealth

Health and wealth advocates wrongly classify the poor with unfaithfulness. Others in Christendom may be inclined to waste their resources giving money to the poor without respect for the dignity of the individual.

Social justice

The social justice movement often misjudged the needs of the poor by providing charity and aid without considering the presence of sin in poverty.


The Church reflects the heart of God in its desire to reach the poor through the message, words and deeds of grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Questions of discussion

What is the reason for the existing attitude and mindset of accumulating resources among the people?

Is it possible to overcome this challenge as a community?

Or does it have to be dealt with only through an individual’s management skill?

In this situation of the poor, what is the responsibility of the Church?