Hanuman ji childhood story

Here we will dealing with a topic Hanuman ji childhood story. Hanuman, the son of Vaya, was known for his incomparable devotion to Lord Ram.

Through selfless service and devotion, he had won the love of Lord Ram and his family and could think of nothing else but their comfort and will be.

Hanuman ji childhood story

Hanuman ji childhood story

This is the story of his miraculous birth and childhood.

Hanuman ji childhood story

Long long ago, in the mountains of Mehu, was the ashram of the great sage Gautama. A monkey couple, Kesari and Anjana lived in that hermitage.

Anjana once was a celestial maiden and was turned into a monkey woman as a result of a curse.

Hanuman ji birth

It was said that her curse would be removed if she gives birth to an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Please bless me with a child. Thanks to Anjana’s intense prayers, her wish soon came true.

When King Dasharatha performed a Yadna to have children, he was blessed with a sacred piousa.

He wanted to share this piousa among his wives and Vaya, the wind god, carried a portion of it and gave it to Anjana.

As soon as she drank it, she felt the blessings of Lord Shiva. Vayu, the god of wind appeared and blessed her. Said to the Anjana, You will soon be a mother of the boy who will possess intimate courage, tremendous strength, speed and a power to fly.

Anjana said, I am blessed. I am blessed. In due course, Anjana gave birth to a monkey-faced child.

Hanuman ji name (Hanuman ji childhood story)

Kesari and Anjana named their son, Bajrang, which means one with an iron body. He grew up a strong and mischievous young lad.

Hanumanji and Surya god

One day, Anjana said to him, I will be back in few hours. Anjana too left the sleeping Bajrang to collect fruits. Bajrang, who woke up after some time? He searched his mother….. Ma? Ma? Where are you? Oh, Ma, I am hungry.

Bajrang looked for something to eat. Suddenly, his eyes fell on the horizon, where the sun was rising in all its splendour. For it looked like a big ripe, delicious fruit.

Said, Hanuman ji, Wow, what a ripe fruit. Let me grab it. Having been blessed by Vaya with the power to fly, Bajrang leaped up towards the sun and soon was flying at a great speed through the sky.

Seeing his little son, Vayu feared. Said, I should protect him from the scorching heat of Surya, the sun-god. It so happened that it was the day of the solar eclipse. Rahu was proceeding to swallow the sun. Ah, who is this? Coming towards the sun. Hope he too has come for this fruit.

In an attempt to save his fruit, Bajrang scared Rahu, who fled from the scene in terror.

The faster Rahu fled, the faster he flew. Oh, Indra, please protect me. What happened? What’s the matter? A little, a little monkey’s cad may, who seems to be unstoppable. Indra was furious.

That naughty little monkey, whoever he is, he must be taught a lesson. Indra gave a mighty blow with his special weapon, Vajraaldum.

So powerful was the blow that Bajrang fell unconscious onto the ground and broke his chin.

Vayu and Hanumanji (Hanuman ji childhood story)

Vayu, who saw this, was greatly angered. With a heavy heart, he picked his child and went inside a cave.

Vayu said, I should teach everyone a lesson and punish the whole world for the harm that had come to my son, Bajrang. No longer I will blow on the earth.

As a result of Vayu’s decision, every living being on earth suffered. The gods themselves were greatly disturbed.

They went to Brahma, the creator of all life, and pleaded with him to do something and pacify Vayu. Brama said, I will handle this situation. Indra, being king of the gods, you attacked an innocent child who just came looking for food in his hunger.


Not only if you humble yourself before the grieving father and beg for his forgiveness, I can do anything for you.

Indra, who was now ashamed of his harsh act, said, I will do as per you wish. Brahma and Indra approached Vayu. Oh, Marti, forgive Indra’s mistake. He punished his son in a moment of anger.

Brahma healed Hanumanji

Brahma took Bajrang in his lap and caressed him. Immediately the child opened his eyes and sat up. The little one paid his respects to all gathered there. And said, Bless me, O devas.

Surya said, I am ashamed to have used a deadly weapon against a child. I bless you that from this day no weapon can injure you. I bless you with an in-water life. Death shall not harm you. Fire shall not harm you. Hanuman, even after this incident, was very mischievous.

Hanumanji and Rishis

He was causing trouble to the Rishis and others. As usual Hanuman disturbed Rishi, who was meditating. Rishi was furious. Hey, him, I am cursing you. You will cease to realize and recognize your powers and as someone reminds you of it. He cursed him. This calmed him down and he started his lessons with the Rishis.

Hanuman ji childhood story

After a few days, Hanuman said his Father, please be my Guru and teach me the Vedas.

His father said My child, I not learned enough to teach you.

If you determined to learn, then Surya is the only one who can teach you and be your Guru.

Hanuman immediately leaped up high and went to Surya.

Surya said to the Hanuman, It’s you Hanuman again? This time what brings you here? Are you going to swallow me again?

Hanuman answered him, No, not at all. As a child, I was ignorant. Now as I’ve grown up, I wish to attain knowledge.

My thirst for knowledge brought me here. It is from you that six million Rishis have learnt the Vedas. Will you kind enough to teach me also?

Surya said, I am constantly on the move. I will be unable to teach you. I move with you and follow you to learn. Okay, I will teach you.

You should listen carefully. I will not repeat any part again. Follow me and learn at the same time. Then you may my disciple. Saying this, Surya in a flash of light began to move.

Surya tough Hanumanji

Hanuman too moved and learnt at the same time. In sixty orbits Hanuman learnt everything. Surya pleased with Hanuman.

Hanuman said, Thank you, Guruji. I am very happy that you have taught me everything, I am blessed to learn the Vedas from you. I am pleased with you.

Surya said, Now it’s time for you to give Guru Daktiana. Hanuman said, Please Guruji, I feel honored to ask you what it is that you expect of me.

Surya, All I ask you is to become minister of Surya, Devanara King. He is my son and I expect you to be with him always and be the protector of his life. Now and forever.

Hanuman said, It would only add glory to me to be with your mighty son. I promised to protect him and treasure his life as if it were my own.

Saying this, Hanuman took leave of Surya. Who blessed him? Hanuman was the most learned in the traditional texts and blessed with unique gifts.