Who is Lord Krishna

Here we are going to discuss who is Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is believed to be the complete or complete incarnation of God. If we have to touch the consciousness that we call Krishna, then Lila is needed. Leela is not just about dancing with someone.

Very few people are ever put in the kind of circumstances that Krishna went through in human life. Usually, this is not the case with most people and in all these situations, people began to feel the clarity of vision he faced, the clarity of vision he displayed, the certainty about his ability to discern what was true and what was not, the clarity he brought to those around him. That is why he was declared to be incarnate and fully incarnate.

Who is Lord Krishna

Who is Lord Krishna

I want you to understand that what I am about to say now happened long before Charles Darwin came along.

So, the first incarnation was Machial Thara meaning God appeared in the form of a fish. And as you know, Charles Darwin tried to perfect the first life or aquatic life on the planet, fish.

You can read more about Puranas.

And the next incarnation is Kurma-thara, meaning it is a tortoise, it is an amphibian, half water, half length. Charles Darwin said the same thing.

The third incarnation is Brahala Thara, who is a pig, in the form of a large mammal.
The fourth is Narasimha-thara, meaning half man and half animal.
Next is dwarf-thar, dwarf, human form, but dwarf.

Next comes Parisvaram, a man of full age but an extremely violent man, a great warrior.

The next person is Ram-Thara, a very peaceful, but very one-dimensional type of person.

Next is Krishna-Thar, a very multi-dimensional man. Krishna-thar was therefore considered to be the complete, avathara or complete incarnation of God and not merely an aspect.

It is a tribute to the multidimensional nature that he was. and though he never claimed it himself, even if he did not claim it, those around him naturally recognized him as divine.

In the recognition that man was attached to Him, entire cultures developed around this recognition of Krishna as the full incarnation of God.

Who is Lord Krishna

And Sri Krishna, the essence of who He is, is that He is an indomitable child, a formidable prankster, a charming flutist, a graceful dancer, an almost irresistible lover, a true heroic warrior, a fierce, enemy lover.

There are broken hearts in every house People left behind, shrewd politicians and king makers, consummate gentlemen, yogis of the highest order and very colorful incarnations. Krishna is seen and understood and experienced in many, many different ways by different people.


Duryodhana is a person because of certain circumstances, where he has felt insecurity, anger, jealousy, greed and injustice all his life. And because of his actions driven by greed and anger, he became the key to the destruction of his entire nation.

In the words of Duryodhana, he is a smiling rascal if there ever was one. They can eat, drink, sing, dance, love, quarrel, chat with the old lady, play with the little children they call God. This is the belief of Duryodhana.


Shakuni is the embodiment of deception and guile. She says suppose he is God.

So what is it? What can a God do? What can please only the devotees who please Him? Let him be God.

I don’t like that. And when you don’t like someone, you should admire them. That’s a cheater. And she is the childhood sweetheart, the milkmaid, the ordinary village woman.


But with such unwavering love and devotion, she grew so much that today one cannot talk about Krishna without Reddy.

She does not say Krishna Radev, she says Radya Krishna, she has become an ordinary rural woman. She has become equal to or somewhat more important than Krishna.

He said, Krishna is with me, He is always with me. Whoever it is, whoever it is not with, it is still with me.’ This is his idea.


Vantey, a young guru, was the eldest son of a chief who lived in the Gomantak mountains. Due to a certain disease, the young man became completely crippled. When this crippled young man met Krishna, Krishna made him walk.

So Vantey said, he is God, he is God, he is God.

Akrura Lord Krishna

Krishna’s uncle Akrura, a wise and saintly person, thus expressed his belief about Krishna. Krishna, when I see this strange young boy, I see the sun, moon and seven stars revolving around him. When he speaks, he sounds like the voice of eternity.

That is the hope. That’s the only hope in this world, that’s the only hope. Since his childhood, Shikandin has been a man tormented by a certain condition within himself. This is an absolutely tortured soul.

So Shikandi said, Krishna never gave me any hope. But when he is there, the wind of hope touches everyone.

I can go on like this, different people, different aspects of his personality, to some he is God, to some he is a group, to some he is a lover, to some he is the personification of many things.

He is a warrior… If we want to taste the essence that we call Krishna, if we want to taste the consciousness that we call Krishna, if we want to touch it then we need Lila.

What is Lord Krishna’s Lila?

Lila means it is the path of agility. Not a serious time, right? Because when I say agility, we’re not here just to play. We are here, playfully, to explore the deepest and most serious side of life.

There will be no Krishna. The vast majority of the world’s population is missing the deepest dimensions of life because they don’t know how to be agile.

If you want to explore this path playfully, if you want to be playful you need a loving heart, a happy mind and a vibrant body.

Otherwise, there is no Lila. If you want to explore the deeper dimensions of life in play, you have to be ready to play with your awareness, your imagination, your memories, your life, your death, everything. Then it’s Lila.

Lila is not just about dancing with someone. Are you ready to dance with death? You are willing to dance with life. You are willing to dance with your enemies.

Ready to dance with the one you love. At the last moment of death, you are ready to dance and then Lila.