Bridegroom come

How did the bridegroom come into being? Answer: It started with the kings. They are safe on the road at the boy’s wedding

Bridegroom come

Bridegroom come

The girl’s father (the king) paid all the expenses. The Mahajans gave more jewelry and money as dowry. They took other poor people from the village for protection by paying them day labor.

They were allowed to eat sweets at the groom’s house on the first day, the bride had to give a brass glass of Rs. 1 to each guard.

Poor people who took their cattle carts were lured with more money. In the old days, there was a lot of jungle and there was no means of transportation.

Thus, this became a tradition. There was a famine in those days, most of the people were poor, and it was common to rob a rich person alone. This is why the army was introduced in the form of bridegrooms. Slowly this one became a tradition to call it big. This is not required at present.

Bridegroom come

Question:- Rice (financial assistance provided by uncle or society)

Answer: It is mainly due to the custom of bridesmaids and dowry. One of the reasons for this is that the groom arranges a meal for the bride and groom. The above custom was also practiced by the bride’s house for feeding the groom and giving him cash, glasses, etc.

Helping games or groups are formed by relatives from their own villages and neighboring villages. There are people who cannot marry their children alone. For this, more than 100 members become members of a group.

When a wedding took place in the house of someone belonging to the group, all the members paid the amount according to their financial means to the father of the bride and groom at the wedding house.


One hundred and two hundred, more or less, was counted as a sum of money. This practice does not cause the family to lack money


This custom also provided financial assistance to the wedding house. This is the custom of giving some clothes and cash (by brothers and uncles) at the wedding of the children of sisters and brothers.

This money does not have to be refunded Those who do not have brothers and uncles, are very sad on the wedding day, sit alone and cry.

Pilia (financial assistance during childbirth in girls’ houses)

When a child is born, the mother, the uncle’s household provides food made of indigenous ghee, flour, oilseeds, garlic etc. for the daughter, and small clothes for the newborn child and from the girl’s sister-in-law. The small clothes of this tradition are thrown away because they cannot be worn later.

Such traditions must be abandoned, for they are an unnecessary burden on the path of life. You can help your daughter, buy her cows if she needs them, and give her cash if she is in poor financial condition. But don’t give anything at the time of marriage.

Later, you can inherit your daughter’s rights from your property. The daughter should also take the money if necessary and arrange for it to be returned if possible. Have faith in the Supreme Soul. Your respect will be due. The solution to solve all these problems, is marriage should be done according to the Suhma Veda