How to motivate yourself

Sometimes we need to go out of our way and take a chance.  Still, the fear of failure, of being laughed at; of being not liked, of being  poorly allowed of; can keep us from pushing ourselves into the unknown; and make us move  sluggishly in developing new chops,  capacities, and life  gests  that can stop. Then in this post, we’re going to  bandy how to motivate yourself.

How to motivate yourself

How to motivate yourself

It can lead us to resist offers to try new places and things to go to or speak at an event. Because of fear or anxiety about what might happen. We can second guess, ‘what if’ runs the narrative.

Perhaps we are unsure about what to say or do, are hesitant to risk looking ridiculous. are apprehensive about being embarrassed.

But other people also share those fears and concerns; and it can motivate and encourage them; when they see someone else taking a chance, refusing to come their way; and not stressing too much about the potential consequences. We do.

Others often appreciate and support those who try. So, why not decide to take some positive action instead, stop hijacking yourself; and enjoy the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone!

a)  Start small

You gradually build up your confidence by taking it one step at a time.

If you have social anxiety, why not make a habit of going out for coffee; and lunch during busy times of the day instead of agreeing to dinner at a buzzing, ultra-smart restaurant?

Choose positive ways to take things at your own pace, make your day, and go out of your way!

b) Make habit

Make it a habit to hang out and hang out with different types of people. If you have a meeting, interview or presentation; practice drawing a few bullet points together and rehearse in front of a mirror or with a small, supportive audience. Focus on the areas you feel uncertain about.

c) Be aware of how you talk to yourself

We are often our own worst critics, scolding ourselves in ways that we never even dreamed of talking to others. Instead, tell yourself that you can do it; that it is worth it, that others are not as interested or invested in what you do; All the way to help remove any initial doubts and hesitations.

d) Address areas that feel neglected that need a little help.

Use this opportunity as inspiration to improve your appearance.

Your wardrobe, update your image; and benefit your conversational skills or education.

It may require a little effort, but that commitment will pay off by elongating your life.


And making you feel more invested in the quality of your day-to-day activities.

e) Keep up-to-date with local news and popular TV shows

So, it’s relatively easy for you to engage in conversations and connect with others; or ask people ‘same’ questions about their vacations.

Or how they spend their time; Quite a safe approach to start a conversation.

Enlist the help of a supportive friend, family member, therapist; coach or mentor who will be there for you and will support you.

Sometimes appreciating your efforts, sometimes motivating you to move forward. Be open to this happening and appreciate constructive feedback and suggestions. It can be surprising to learn how we see ourselves in comparison to how others see us.

Nurture an inquisitive, interested mindset by doing something new and challenging every day that makes you think and step out of your comfort zone.

It could simply be traveling a different route to work, cooking something you’ve never had for dinner before. Think about ways you can foster a positive, interesting, and engaged approach to life and enjoy where it takes you.

f) Value opportunities

Value opportunities to say ‘yes’, to invitations and try new experiences and relationships. Even agreeing to do things that may not appeal initially can lead to unexpected successes and adventures.

And sometimes using ‘no’ can be positive if it keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

When we go out of our way; we stop thinking about how other people see us, or of ways to keep them happy. We move on from looking for easier alternatives in life or justifying ways of not doing things.

Going with the flow allows us to live in the moment and be excited about letting go. When you go out of your way you can make your day!

How to motivate yourself as Example

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