Ask yourself

Do you ask yourself? If, in fact, you hope to be the best you can be, essential for you, proactively, move forward and take significant steps, for your own good!

The most essential component to doing this, perhaps, is to pursue a significant degree of objectivity, and give yourself a realistic, test, over-the-neck test!

Ask yourself

Ask yourself

It must start with taking the time, and in a joint effort to ask yourself, challenging questions, for four decades, after giving hundreds of seminars for personal development, self-help, programs etc.,

I am convinced it is important, ask yourself, at least, these 6 individual and introspective questions; And answered them honestly and completely!

With that in mind, this article will try to briefly consider, examine, review and discuss 6 specific questions, what they say and represent, and why it matters.

What do you like about yourself, and in general, and why?

Have you ever openly and honestly considered what you like about yourself, what you like, in general but, and why?

Honest answers to these questions should reveal vital information for you; about the overall direction of your life; and whether you are on the right path!

If you do not love yourself, why should most others love you or believe in you?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Before you can help yourself, move forward, it is essential that you fully understand your personal strengths and weaknesses!

Then, you can use any force, as effectively as possible, while thoroughly treating areas of weakness, turning lemons into lemonade!


Are you ready to expand your personal comfort zone?

Many people limit their options by staying within the boundaries of their personal comfort zone!

Will you identify them clearly, and continue to take decisive action with an open mind; and proactively, in search of the maximum degree of personal excellence instead of compromising for the better?

Will you overcome your fears, and how? (ask yourself)

We all experience fears, but, how can we move on; and do we overcome them, in time, isolated, more than success, extra stress, tension, etc! How can these be proactively treated?

What will you do to develop or improve your skills?

What skillsets and skills do you need to have profitable skills?

Will you listen and learn effectively from any interaction and experience; and most importantly, will you learn the lessons, to make sure you are ready, to act, for your benefit?

Will you maintain a realistic, positive, can-do attitude?

A person’s defining measure is, what he maintains and maintains a real, positive, can-do attitude, without the need to wear, pink. Glasses!

As Henry Ford wins, often, as the saying goes, you may wonder if you can or not. Anyway, you’re right!

Ask yourself

If you hope to be the best, you can be, it’s essential, to know yourself, as much as possible! Are you ready to be your best friend?