Affiliated Mission

Affiliated Mission

The Swedish Affiliated Mission

The Swedish Affiliated Mission (Swedish Mission), Cooch Behar (Home Board: Kvinnlinga Mission sarbetare, Stockholm) has worked in connection with the SMNC since 1925. Ten years later the co-operation led to affiliation, and the work in Cooch Behar has now become an administrative part of the SMNC.

The congregations in Cooch Behar constitute a Circle under the Suri Church Council. There are two Mission stations in Cooch Behar, that is, Cooch Behar and Dinhata. The Cooch Behar station is a center for district work and Dinhata is an educational and medical center. In Cooch Behar, a Blind School for children was started two years ago by Mrs. Brit Hodne.

In Dinhata, Miss Elsa Pihlquist is in charge of the Junior High School. Attached to the High School are Girls’ and Boys’ Boardings. Miss Ada Wittander is in charge of the medical work. The clinic treated more than sixteen thousand patients during 1965.

Work has also taken up among refugees by the Swedish Mission. Financial aid for this work has received from several organizations not directly connected with the Mission. The work has sponsored by the Lutheran World Federation, Geneva. A deacon and Social worker from Sweden, Mr. Bengt Ageros arrived in May 1965, especially for this work.

He is at present in charge of the refugee work. He is assisted by a Canadian agriculturist, who has been sent out by the Canadian Mennonite Church for this work for a three-year term.

Norwegian Affiliated Mission


The founder of Norwegian Mission, Rev. Otto Torvik, arrived in India in 1948. The Sajinipara Mission established in the Murshidabad District, adjoining the Santal Mission’s field in the same district In 1950-51. And the work also started in 1955 at Calcutta.

Moreover, in 1953 the Rev. and Mrs. I. Egeland succeeded Torvik as a missionary in Sajinipara. Miss Gudrun Saether arrived a year later. She is in charge of the dispensary built-in Sajinipara. Here two ordained pastors in the Mission, the Rev. Probodh Koyal ог and the Rev. Daniel Azami. Two congregations (in Sajinipara and Calcutta) number now about one hundred and fifty.

This year these congregations have joined the NELC as a Circle under the Suri Church Council, and affiliation between the Mission and SMNC considered.

The Norwegian School in Kotagiri

A Norwegian missionary school for the children established by the Norwegian Board of the Santal Mission in Shillong, Assam, in 1948. In 1961 the school moved to Kotagiri in South India. Norwegian children of other Norwegian Missions and from the Indo-Norwegian Fishery Project in South India attend the school; and amend for co-operation with regard to the finances has agreed on between the organizations involved.

The following have served as principals of the school: Rev. O. Hodne, Rev. T. Iveland, O. Aardal, and B. Melve. The last-mentioned is the present principle. Miss Anne Kon Radsen joined the school as a teacher in 1962. Mr. and Mrs. Kippenes arrived in 1965. Miss Else Malme, and Miss Signe Sigurdsen have been matrons at the school. Miss Sigurdsen served from 1950 to 1965. The present matron is Miss Sigrid Bockman.