Modern Buddha

Modern Buddha

Bhagawan Shree Rajneesh has known as Modern Buddha during the 21st century.  He was born on December 11, 1931 in a small village near Jabalpur in India. He had five sisters and 6 brothers.

He studied in Saugar University and received his Master’s Degree in Philosophy in 1959 and stood first in his class. He taught philosophy for 9 years in 2 colleges. In 1966 he resigned his professorship to devote his life solely to spiritual pursuits.

Modern Buddha’s Experiences

His first experience of Samadi (Cosmic consciousness) came when he was only 7 yrs old.  He achieved full Enlightment at the age of 2, on the spring equinox, i.e. march 21.

He said, “The ground was withdrawn from beneath my feet…The temple of God had come …..Then there was no beginning and there was no go in and no reaching and no effort”

Rajneesh used to meditate sitting on a branch of a tree. When he had a strange experience on one day he felt his body fell to the ground and his real self remained where it was.

A series of similar experiences occurred upon for the next 6 yrs. Since then he tried to arouse the real person in everyone else with the saying: “I have com not to teach but to awaken” “Surrender – and I will transform you. This is my promise”.

Modern Buddha Shree Rajneesh’s teaching

Rajneesh says that there are 7 layers of consciousness and self – Realization begins for the fifth. Once the fifth is reached, the next birth can be taken consciously.

It seems Rajneesh took the doctrine of rebirth seriously because he says that in his last life, 700 yrs ago, he began a 21 day fast at the age of 106. At the end of this period, he was to achieve the last step of Enlightenment.

However, he killed by someone three days before he could end the fast. Then in this life, it took 21 years to complete what would have easily achieved at that time in only 3 days – seven yrs for each day.

Modern Buddha Shree Rajneesh’s Religion

According to Rajneesh, most religious systems have forgotten the real essence of religion. For him the purpose of religion is to bring man’s consciousness back to the source through meditation to transform him totally into his authentic Divine Self. Every person is capable of it.

Modern Buddha Shree Rajneesh’s Meditation

The most essential part of Rajneesh’s teaching is ‘Meditation’. Meditation helps man to go deeper and deeper in order to reach the Self or the Divine. (Meditation is the boat that carries one across)

He taught methods of meditation both ancient and new which he himself devised. His teaching on a technique of meditation for the modern age is practice of catharisis – a throwing of all the inner accusation and ‘garbage’ within the mind – an emptying out.

He said that meditation means becoming totally empty. But to Rajneesh meditation is impossible unless everything is thrown out from the mind.

According to the teaching of Rajnees meditation causes awakening of the inner energy that popularly called ‘Kundalini’. Once it awakened this energy penetrates every layer of man’s being; (the cells of the body, the emotions and the heart, the knots of the sex centre, tension), and unties every knot until the person becomes a harmonious whole. Rajneesh had his main Ashram in Poona as well as in various others.


The method of meditation that he taught is known as ‘Rajneesh Dhyana Yoga’ or ‘Dynamic Meditation’.

It has four stages, each lasting ten minutes. After completing the four stages of meditation Enlightenment took place; this Enlightenment known as Samadhi.

Rajneesh describes their realm and how blissful it is.! “The ego melted, all personality divisions unite into a harmonious whole and ‘one simply becomes lone-not loving’


Rajneesh said much on the importance of surrender and trust on the part of the disciple. He says, “Deeper teachings cannot be given unless there is love between the two-the disciple and the Teacher.

The disciple and the Teacher must become deep lovers. Only then can the higher, the beyond, be expressed … with love language, what is said is not so significant …It is a heart – to – heart talk, not a mind-to-mind discussion.

It is not a debate. It is a communication … If you are in love with your Teacher, then you are just drinking in; the words are irrelevant. Really, the silence between words becomes more significant”

Rajneesh says further, “In our experience love is nearest to God because in love oneness is felt … That is why there is so much hankering after sex.

The real hankering is after oneness, but that oneness is not sexual…. This hankering shows a deeper urge to feel oneness in love. And the more inward one moves, the more merges into the other, then the more there is a feeling of oneness and duality dissolves … If you love someone, if you really love, then…. through the beloved you enter the Formless.”

Surrender to a Master

Rajneesh emphasizes the mystery about surrender to a Master through Sahaj Yoga (Sahaj means spontaneous, natural and easy). In Sahaj Yoga the seeker’s emery spontaneously awakened and the bliss of meditation flows spontaneously like a spring.

This is flow of the Master’s Divine energy into a receptive disciple in known as ‘Shakti pat’ (the transmission of the force). Rajneesh said that the Master does not do anything for the success of Shaktipat and no one should seek for it.

When it happens one should be grateful to the Divine. Rajneesh says that energy always flows through the Master for all who can receive it and that ‘God is not partial to anyone…’

Lots of people are attracted by Rajneesh apply through his emanation of the mystery of the energy. Many says that just sitting at Rajneesh feet when he lecturers or during darshan (meeting with the Master), they suddenly feel a deep bliss and enveloped by a fragrance not known before.

They say that he emanates a love, compassion and energy, that just being near him makes them blissful and silent.