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“The thing that really makes me worship God is that God is with the pain and happiness of all people at all times. He gives the knowledge to live in every circumstance.

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Ezekiel 14

Form of Ezekiel 14:1-7 Ezekiel 14:1-7 is part of the larger section of 14:1-11; which consists of an introduction (vv 1-2), a private, explanatory oracle to the prophet (v 3), a commissioning to deliver the public oracle (v 4a) and a public oracle (vv 4b-11). Verses 6–11 constitute a call to repentance; they have the …

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Ezekiel 13

We are going to exegesis on Ezekiel 13 in this Blog’s post. Form of Ezekiel 13:1-9 Ewald recognized in 12:21–14:11 a collection of oracular pieces dealing with various aspects of prophecy. He was followed by Smend, von Orelli, Kraetzschmar, Herrmann, and Cooke, among older scholars; as well as by several more recent commentators; such as …

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Hosea Chapter 6

Form Structure and Setting of Hosea Chapter 6:1-6 Hosea Chapter 6:1-6 is a small section within the larger section comprising 5:8-7:16. The cry of warning that summons the Benjaminites to war, with its triple imperative (“blow the horn … the trumpet … shout”), begins a new section of prophetic revelation. Its focus is war, its …

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Hosea Chapter 10

Form Structure and Setting Hosea Chapter 10:1-6 Hosea Chapter 10:1-6 is the shift of designation from “Ephraim” to “Israel” as the dominant subject and the exclusive use of third-person speech are two formal indications of a new literary unit beginning with 10:1. Yahweh does not here speak in the first person; nor Israel addressed directly. …

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Hosea Chapter 4

Form Structure and Setting Hosea Chapter 4:1-6, 12-19  Hosea Chapter 4 composed four sections, each with a degree of unity and individuality, and all functioning under the general form of the prophetic lawsuit and one of its sub-categories, the “court speech.” Hosea Chapter 4:1–3 Introduce the lawsuit in general terms. The case is called in …

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परिवार क्या है

हम सबका परिवार है। हम परिवार के बीच संबंध जानते हैं। इसलिए, हम इस ब्लॉग की पोस्ट पर चर्चा करने जा रहे हैं, परिवार क्या है? परिवार की परिभाषा क्या है? कितने प्रकार के परिवार हैं? परिवार क्या है? सामाजिक वैज्ञानिकों ने एक परिवार को परिभाषित करने के लिए कई विचार दिए हैं; और कई …

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Christian Conference of Asia

In 1959 in Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia the East Asia Christian Conference (EACC) was inaugurated; and after 1973 the name EACC was changed to the (CCA) Christian Conference of Asia. It is located at Singapore; but because of being closure to (by) the government in 1987; as the government thought that the reason of forming this …

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सबाल्टर्न आंदोलन

सबाल्टर्न आंदोलन: धर्मनिरपेक्ष या ईसाई विद्वानों के शोध के परिणाम में जो अधिकांश विद्वानों के पत्र और पुस्तकों तक सीमित थे; वह समाज या समुदाय में बहुत कम परिवर्तन हुए। सब्बल शब्द का प्रयोग जाति, वर्ग, आयु, लिंग या किसी भी अन्य साधन से वशीभूत व्यक्ति को संदर्भित करने के लिए किया जाता है। औपनिवेशिक …

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अहमदिया आंदोलन

‘अहमदी’ शब्द का अर्थ केवल अहमदिया आंदोलन के अनुयायी हैं। अहमदिया आंदोलन वास्तव में अंतर्राष्ट्रीय है। अपने अस्तित्व के कम समय में और सभी तिमाहियों से उत्पीड़न और विरोध के बावजूद, यह 43 देशों में 139 सक्रिय और संगठित मिशन स्थापित करने में सक्षम हो गया है, इसके अलावा भारत, पाकिस्तान और बांग्लादेश में बड़ी …

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Till late 19th century; the historiography of Christianity in India had been written by most of the western writers from their perspectives. Moreover, the India herself played virtually no role in these 19 century histories. The Indian historians were written for the westerners; who controlled and supported Protestant missions in India. So, that they might …

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